Pharmaceuticals industry

Set up automated data exchange with LSP’s

The Challenge An established global specialty pharmaceuticals company located in Switzerland wanted to set up a and automated data exchange with their main three logistics service providers. This data exchange was required to digitise and automate all communication concerning the transactions of remotely located inventory and thereby reducing time-intensive manual transactions that are prone to […]

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Set up pharmaceutical downstream supply chain

The Challenge A promising Belgian pharmaceutical start-up company was in the third testing phase for one of their leading orphan drugs. Passing successfully the 3rd testing phase will allow a pharmaceutical company to actively sell the developed drug. Up to, and during, this testing phase a pharmaceutical start-up company generally is purely focused on research

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Develop Transatlantic Supply Chain

The Challenge A nutritional start-up company targeted a rare genetic disease with medical nutrition. They supplied their nutritional products to the European market via distributors. The distributors in turn supplied pharmacists, who handed out the therapeutic medical nutrition to the patients. The medical nutrition products were cold chain products with a limited shelf life and

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