Develop Transatlantic Supply Chain

The Challenge

A nutritional start-up company targeted a rare genetic disease with medical nutrition. They supplied their nutritional products to the European market via distributors. The distributors in turn supplied pharmacists, who handed out the therapeutic medical nutrition to the patients. The medical nutrition products were cold chain products with a limited shelf life and required special attention during transportation.

The start-up company had limited control over their transatlantic supply chain using European distributors. Additionally they had considerable cost and cash involved with their distribution network. The company therefore turned to ESCIMCO to help them identify an optimised transatlantic supply chain. A supply chain that would provide them more control over their deliveries against lower cost and cash requirements.

The approach

In the first phase of the project ESCIMCO mapped the current supply in detail, with all transit times and cost involved. This mapping made valuable improvement opportunities visible.
Using the vast knowledge of international supply chains ESCIMCO worked out a number of feasible transatlantic supply chain options.
These options consequently were presented to the start-up company.

The result

The start-up company received options of a transatlantic supply chain, in which they would have much more control over their supply chain. In the proposal ESCIMCO was able to drastically reduce the complexity of the supply chain, as well as the cost and cash involved.

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