about us

ESCIMCO is a supply chain consultancy and implementation company, with a strong customer focus.

We serve companies that manufacture or trade products, and companies that provide logistics or other services to manufacturing and trading companies.

We work with a network of consultants, which we can flexibly adjust to your needs.

Our approach

In every project we achieve the best results for you. Only the best result for you is what counts for us.

At the very beginning of every project we define the scope and determine a tentative project budget.

An analysis will further help to identify and agree what the actual project opportunity is to achieve.

Each project we approach in a pragmatic and hands-on way. We involve employees from the beginning and tap into their company knowledge.

At the same time we transfer our ‘business best practices’-knowledge to your organisation. We transfer the knowledge by documenting the processes we have followed and training your employees on the job.

This approach guarantees that the solution will be supported by everyone, and that the result will be a sustainable improvement for your company.

Our solutions

The solutions we provide can best be depicted in the ‘Value Chain’-model from Porter, which they cover almost completely:

Value chain model - Porter

Our results

Average Revenue Growth
0 mln
Average Cost Savings
0 mln
Average Cash Reduction
0 mln
Strategies Developed and Implemented
Supply Chain Redesigns
System Implementations
SIOP Implementations
Countries touched

Our references

Our consultants network

Eduard van Lierop
Supply Chain Consultant
Supply Chain strategy / Supply network optimisation / Skill development / System selection & implementation / Logistics cost optimisation / Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning / Service level improvement
Stef Teunissen
Supply Chain Interim Manager
Supply Chain management / Operational support / Skill development / System implementation / Logistics cost optimisation / Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning / Service level improvement
Jaap Schuringa
Operations / Change Manager
Operations strategy / People Management / Skill development / Productivity improvement / Maintenance improvement
David King
Procurement Consultant
Procurement strategy / Skill development / Procurement optimisation & transformation / Logistic cost optimisation
Alex Flint
Analyst / Procurement Consultant
Data analysis / Key Performance Indicators / Procurement optimisation & transformation / Supply network optimisation