Set up and introduction of Vehicle Import Services

The Challenge

A leading European Vehicle Transportation company and a Dutch Vehicle Registration company,  being close partners servicing OEM’s and car lease companies throughout the European mainland, saw an opportunity to further strengthen their cooperation. By knowing their individual strengths and using it complementary to each other’s they envisioned an offering that would open up a new revenue stream.

The internal knowledge to turn the business idea into a value proposition was missing. Neither did the two companies have the bandwidth to manage the project from start to finish. The companies thus reached out to ESCIMCO for working out the business idea and bringing it to market.

The Approach

ESCIMCO and the two companies jointly worked out the business idea into a proper value proposition with a supporting business model. ESCIMCO then performed a competitor analysis and identified the other players in the field with their respective value propositions. Based on this analysis ESCIMCO identified the unique selling points of the new offering, and established value-based pricing.

In the next project phase ESCIMCO mapped out the physical, administrative and financial flows, and optimised these after doing a risk analysis.
Under the supervision of ESCIMCO the two companies then performed a dry run of the processes. As a result some flaws were identified and the processes were further smoothed out .

In the last project phase the two companies jointly marketed their new value proposition, using digital and printed media.

The Results

The two companies successfully brought the ‘Vehicle Import Services’ to the market. As a result the value proposition was generating revenue only 6 months after ESCIMCO started the project.

The successful project achieved a 6:1 ROI during the first full year of ‘Vehicle Import Services’-operation.

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