ERP-System Implementation Aftercare

The Challenge

A leading European Leather Chemicals producer implemented a new ERP-system. During the implementation the company backfilled the internal Supply Chain project-members externally, and had not properly defined their phase out. This led to unforeseen long term operational expenses weighing heavily on the company’s P&L.

In addition the implementation company did not sufficiently understand the incumbent processes during the blueprint phase. Consequently the ERP-functionality did not fully meet the expectation of the end-users, who were dissatisfied with the results.

The company tasked ESCIMCO with managing the Supply Chain organisation through the project aftercare and phase-out.

The Approach

While managing the Supply Chain organisation on an interim basis, ESCIMCO took stock of the process bottlenecks. These process bottlenecks drove the additional manpower requirements. ESCIMCO changed the processes to more desirable processes and adjusted the related ERP-issues. As a result this took away the need for the additional manpower requirements and reduced the unnnecessary burden weighing on the P&L.

The Results

ESCIMCO stabilised the supply chain processes and reduced the Supply Chain organisation with 4 FTE.

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