Consultancy Approach

Every project is unique and that is also how ESCIMCO approaches these projects: uniquely!

Sometimes a solution to a problem is approached creatively, sometimes pragmatically and then another time theoretically.

The unique approach of ESCIMCO guarantees that strong and lasting results are achieved.

Despite the unique approach every project needs to be managed in a controled and insightful way. To achieve this a number of standard steps are being followed:

  1. In the first step extensive interviewing and data analyses are used to understand the painpoints and expected results, as well as to define the problem and identify possible solution directions.
    The interviews and data are used in the proces of identifying solutions and also as a reference to measure the final solution against.
  2. The employees involved in the process are first being trained in problem solving methods after which they are pragmatically involved in identifying different solutions. When generating solutions they are challenged to go way beyond their comfort zone.
    This way breakthrough and well-accepted solutions are being created quickly.
  3. The various solutions are then thoroughly reviewed considering all relevant industrial engineering and financial aspects.
    The most optimal solution is identified and that targets are documented.
  4. A controled pilot is executed on a manageable and representative part of the problem area.
    Various relevant parameters are used to follow the behaviour of the solution.
  5. The pilot measurements and results will be scrutinised with all involved after which the solution could get fine-tuned.
    The evaluation assures that everyone is well known with the solution and accepting it.
  6. The final solution will be comprehensively documented and everyone involved will be intensively trained before the solution is being implemented.
  7. The performance of the implemented solution is being monitored for a certain period.
    Based on the outcome the solution can be further fine-tuned, after which adjustment to documentation and training will take place. 

The approach guarantees that in a controled way an optimal solution is quickly identified, thoroughly implemented and well accepted.

Projects executed by ESCIMCO generally take not more than 90 days and deliver strong and lasting results!

Solutions normally are developed by the operators, but management definitely is not forgotten in the process. In all steps management is completely involved and informed, which assures that the implemented solution fully supports company goals.




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